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Delivery in Kiev

Перфоратор Dnipro

Чайковського провулок, Ланжерон, Одеса, Україна
Delivery in Kiev

Робот для мийки вікон дзеркал кафелю

проспект Правды, 19а, Виноградарь, Киев, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Генератор бензиновый HONDA EU 20 IS (1,5кВт)

улица 1-я Садовая, Святошин, Киев, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Прокат віброплити ENERSOL у Луцьку та області, 107 кг, 4.8 кВт/6.5 к.с

Соборности проспект, Луцк, Луцкий городской совет, Волынская область, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Генератор на 9 кВт

Приорка, Киев, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Дизельный генератор 32 кВт

Приорка, Киев, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Дизель генератор 80 кВт

Приорка, Киев, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Дизель генератор 64 кВт

Приорка, Киев, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Торцовочная пила, пила, пила с протяжкой, scheppach, scm

Киев, Голосеевский район, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Плиткорез Odwerk BEF 1201, 1200 мм, копия RUBI DC-250

улица Гаевая, 3, Совки, Киев, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Генератор 5,5 кВт

Привокзальная улица, Борисполь, Киевская область, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Бетоносмеситель/бетономешалка 250 литров

Привокзальная улица, Борисполь, Киевская область, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Бетоноотделочная машина /вертолет

Привокзальная улица, Борисполь, Киевская область, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Строительный миксер

Привокзальная улица, Борисполь, Киевская область, Украина
Delivery in Kiev


Привокзальная улица, Борисполь, Киевская область, Украина
Delivery in Kiev


Привокзальная улица, Борисполь, Киевская область, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Отбойный молоток

Привокзальная улица, Борисполь, Киевская область, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Глубинный виброуплотнитель бетона/вибратор

Привокзальная улица, Борисполь, Киевская область, Украина
Delivery in Kiev

Гидравлическая тележка/рокла

Привокзальная улица, Борисполь, Киевская область, Украина
Delivery in Kiev


Привокзальная улица, Борисполь, Киевская область, Украина
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Equipment Rentals on GUP is a quick selection and affordable rental cost!

Rental of special equipment will be useful to everyone who decides to make repairs, nail a shelf in the bathroom or start construction because the equipment is expensive. The only question that arises is where you can rent the equipment. The category of such products on the GUP portal will help the user to find all kinds of products for work and special equipment – from large-sized equipment such as a road roller to manual equipment such as a hammer drill.

You are in the section where a large list of special equipment that is available for order is presented. The range includes the most modern models from producers who have proven long ago that the quality of their products is worth trusting. It will be no secret that quality tools are quite expensive. Purchasing them may not be very appropriate in the case of a one-time job. Realizing all this, our company has created a platform where people can find equipment for various purposes – from hand-made models to large industrial designs. And most importantly, it is profitable to take it for use. The very logistics of cooperation provides for the simplicity and efficiency of the order. Get to know the specifics of work and find everything you need for effective work!

Select the equipment you need quickly – there is a wide range of quality products!

Power tools include a screwdriver, wrench, electric screwdriver, hammer drill, scroll saw, etc. Any home renovation is not possible without using these machines. You can also find grinders on the website. They are of several types: for concrete, for parquet, for metal, for wood. Any surface would look sloppy without processing with polishers. It is impossible to repair the kitchen and bathroom without a tile cutter. Auto repair and construction involves hard manual labor. You cannot do without pneumatic tools. The air motor makes this work much faster. The energy of the compressed air drives the pistons, so that is the way the machines work. Tool rental will help you temporarily acquire the equipment necessary for repairs.

Home construction. You cannot do without a vibration rammer when building a house. It helps to tamp down the soil so that it does not sink and, as a result, the foundation does not crack. The formwork is needed to build the foundation of a house. The structures made of concrete, reinforced concrete, soil mix acquire a specific shape thanks to it. Tell me how to build a house without a concrete mixer? You will save a lot of money by renting tools because you need more instruments to repair any building.

Facade decoration. It is impossible to make external finishing without scaffolding. The scale of construction is so grand sometimes that the developer does not have enough of his resources. The way out is to rent. Aluminum folding ladders are necessary for interior designing or for working with facades of low buildings.

Lifting the load. We do not live in Ancient Egypt, so we do not use the option to move tons of cargo using leverages. Special lifts exist for this purpose in the modern world. It is also impossible to lift a huge load without winches and jacks. It's good that we are not ancient Egyptians. We can rent construction tools and equipment.

Uninterruptible power supply. Sometimes it is needed to provide electricity for a festive event, which occurs in the forest. What should you do? The answer is simple — generators and autonomous power plants will help you ensure the supply of electricity even to the forest.

Cleaning. You can find industrial vacuum cleaners, water-jet devices, battery-powered floor cleaning machines on the site GUP. UA makes it possible to clean large areas without effort. Do not look for a place to store the bulky equipment because a convenient rental service exists with the help of what you can rent everything you need.

Maintenance of the adjoining territory is not so easy as it seems — the lawn has to be mowed; the leaves must be raked. Doing it all with a hand saw, rake, the scythe is very tiring. There is a variety of petrol trimmers, chainsaws, lawnmowers, blowers you can use.

Checking communication systems. The battery heats up, but it's cold in the house, and you don't understand what the reason is? A thermal imager will help you in such a situation. It will enable you to detect malfunctions and heat leaks in different communication systems. A thermal imager is not a thing from a movie, it can be implemented in real life.

Heavy artillery. You can find diamond drills, jackhammers, welding machines, stations, heaters, and compressors on the site as well.

What advantages will you get using the portal?

  • Firstly, renting tools will cost you much less than buying. Especially, if you use the equipment once. You will not only waste money but also have to look for additional space on the balcony or in the garage to store it.

  • Secondly, the portal has a wide range of high-quality equipment. It can be ordered not only by people who urgently needed a screwdriver to assemble a computer desk. Businesses that are engaged in construction can also replenish the army of their equipment with large-sized equipment.

  • Thirdly, the rental of construction tools will save you from headaches – where to store the equipment, how to maintain it. Take it for a while, use it, and return it! There is no need to buy garages, stores; and to conduct regular technical inspections. All this concern will fall on the shoulders of the lessor.

  • We also want to note that sometimes a construction company does not have enough money to buy all the necessary special equipment, then such a service is helpful. We also want to note that rental may help you to start your own business.

  • There is a filter on that will speed up finding a suitable offer for you. You also have the opportunity to pick up the required kit in the city where you live.

How to choose the right product for the job - tips for choosing

  • Autonomy. When you rent a tool, pay attention to its autonomy – whether it has a rechargeable battery or batteries.

  • Versatility. Hand-held construction tools are convenient for their versatility. For example, a puncher is used not only for drilling but also for stirring paints.

  • Price. On the portal, you can pick up equipment for reasonable money. Prices for the same product can be drastically different since there are a large number of lessors on the site. They all set the price at their discretion.

  • Lightness. When you pick up a product, it will be easier for you to work with it.

  • Power. Renting a construction tool involves studying the technical characteristics of the equipment. Grinding machines with different capacities are used for polishing parquet and concrete.

  • Type of surface. Pay attention to the material. A chainsaw, for example, will not cut a tile of a suitable shape for you, a tile cutter can handle this, and a screwdriver will not work for drilling a wall - you need a puncher for this.

How to make a request?

It is easy to rent a power tool. Select a product, go to the ad, check its availability. Do this by selecting the desired period in the calendar, click the "Check availability" button. If the product is available, click the "Book" button. Enter your phone number, name, comment to the owner, and press "Confirm". After the application is submitted, the lessor has to confirm it. After confirmation of the application, he calls the tenant back to confirm the order and, possibly, negotiates an advance payment for the reservation. If all the previous steps are completed successfully, the client picks up the goods at a prearranged time.

Select a product and fill out the application
Wait for the confirmation of the application
Wait for the start of the lease
Receiving the goods from the lessor

Frequently asked questions

We have collected answers to popular questions that are asked by portal visitors. Check them out. If you need advice, then our managers are always at your service!

1. Does the rental of equipment require a fixed amount of collateral?
The amount of the collateral can be viewed in the additional information section when the tenant sends an application. The amount of the security deposit is set by the lessor individually, so there is no fixed security deposit for a specific type of goods. Many services do not require a deposit at all.
2. Do you have a delivery service?
If you are interested in the delivery service, filter your products by the “Delivery” parameter. You will see the ads where this option is available. You can negotiate directly with the landlord about delivery.
3. Is it possible to extend the period of use?
You can rent a tool for a longer-term. The extension of the period can be negotiated directly at the delivery point.
4. Is an agreement drawn up between the landlord and the tenant?
This issue is resolved directly at the point of issue. It all depends on the agreement with the equipment supplier.
5. What model would you recommend?
Choose on the site the equipment that suits you the most in terms of technical characteristics and price. The manager, if necessary, will give you additional advice at the delivery point.
6. Can I get a discount on a product?
You can get a discount only in some cases, by agreement with the point of issue.
7. Does the rental of construction tools presupposes providing an invoice to prove expenses (if the tenant is a legal entity)?
This issue is resolved at the delivery point. It all depends on the agreement with the lessor.

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