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In the FAQ section, you will find answers to frequently asked questions from users

What is GUP and why should I use it
Global Ukrainian Portal is a unique service, users of which take out and rent absolutely any things. Do not need to wait for sales, ask the sellers for a discount or buy a used one to save on things that we need only once. Leasing goods is a new step towards a more rational and rational way of life that America, Australia, Japan and most of the countries of Europe have already chosen.
Why registration is necessary
We strive to ensure that the basis of all transactions is fair and trustworthy relations between the lessor and the lessee, therefore registration is necessary for an additional guarantee in the security of the transaction for both parties.
What can I rent
You can rent absolutely any movable and immovable property, from small tools and children's toys to campers and helicopters on the portal GUP. Share your things with others to earn some money and give things a second life to them. Join GUP and you will be able to "rent" not only things, but also services very soon ;)
What is the cost of placing a product card
The publication of product cards on the portal GUP is absolutely free, without limitation on the number of published product cards and hidden payments. Soon you will be able to use additional paid services - raise your offer to the top and/or allocate it among other offers to attract more customers.
Why bail is needed
The deposit on the GUP portal can be in the form of both cash/non-cash payment, and in the form of things, documents or any other objects and is established by the lessor independently.If you are not satisfied with the size or the object of the pledge, you can negotiate with the landlord its change. Much more likely to get a positive result of negotiations and the trust of the landlord, if you have a high rating and good reviews on GUP, and the profile is filled to the maximum.
My product was damaged or not returned
We recommend you to take a deposit for the goods to prevent such situations, and also describe in detail the state of the leased object at the time of its transfer to the lessee's use, indicating even the most minor defects. For the damage that makes the product functionally unsuitable, the full value of the deposit and/or the additional amount established by the lessor (in the case if the initial pledge was declared in the form of documents and other non-monetary objects) is charged.
Can I redeem the leased goods
Yes, you can redeem the leased goods, if the landlord indicated this possibility in the announcement. If not indicated, try to personally discuss this with the landlord ;)
What should I do if I want to finish the lease before the agreed period
Lease cancellation is possible at any stage of the transaction. Everything is agreed individually with the landlord.
Why my product card is not showing up in search results
If you did not find your product card in the GUP search, it means that it is still moderated or rejected. Check the "Moderation" and "Rejected" folders. If your offer is active, but it still does not appear in the search results, please contact our support team at
Why was my product card rejected by moderation
If you did not find your product card in the "Rejected" folder - it means it did not pass the moderation because of violation of the Publication Rules and/or the content of Prohibited Goods. You can edit the product card and resend it for moderation. In this case, your product card will be moved to the "Moderation" folder in the "My Goods" section and will not be available for display to portal users until it moderates. If you do not agree with the moderator's decision, write to our support service and we will help to solve the problem.
I became a victim of a fraudster
We want to protect you as much as possible from fraud and unscrupulous landlords, but if you encountered a fraud of any kind or rented a substandard product, you can complain about it by clicking the "Report" button on the product page. It is strongly recommended to use our secure payment system to avoid the scams of fraudsters instead of sending an advance payment to the landlord's personal card. Also, do not pay cash in advance before you personally verify the quality of the goods you rent.
How to submit a product card? What is the deadline for the announcement
After registering on the site (via E-mail, or social network), you can place an prodin the appropriate category, according to the Publication Rules. After passing the moderation your product card will be published on the site for an unlimited period, as long as you keep it up to date.
Why it's need to create a separate product card for each item
A distinctive feature of the rental service on the portal GUP is a multifunctional calendar where the landlord notes busy dates and keeps them up to date. This saves the tenant from unnecessary waste of time on phone calls to clarify the details. Thus, you can rent any item anywhere in the world without fear of a language barrier and that the goods will differ from the declared one.
Will I extra overpay for your services
No. Each landlord independently determines the cost of the lease, so you rent the thing directly from the owner and pay only for the period of the lease.